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How We Screen Our Applicants

BHOH has developed a rigorous application process designed to identify parents that will fully benefit from our work. BHOH is not  a simple charity but rather an organization designed to move a parent from zero to fully self-sustainable over a period of time. This process identifies personality traits, issues and concerns, current status, current needs and allows us to project future success of the applicant.

What we evaluate:

After an application is processed and identified as a viable candidate, the client will move into our assessment format. Here we conduct three separate interviews:

The first by our staff social worker, second by our staff Psychologist and third by our founder, Nadia. The application along with the assessment allows us to place the parent on the proper trajectory for success.

What Our Support Looks Like

Each client receives certain benefits based on their entry level, and those benefits will tier down in roughly 90-day cycles based on results.

Clients are expected to receive benefits and support for up to one year. Following the one year “graduation” clients will have access to post-graduation benefits, like scholarships, advanced mentorship, and microloans. During year two and year three, clients support first-year parents by volunteering for the organization.

Our Goal for Your Success

Successful graduates of our program are:

Independent and Capable
Sustainable Long-term employment
Children are Taken Care of
Financially Stable
Peace of Mind
Sable Home Environment

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